Pasi O. A. P=E4rn=E4nen wrote:

> hi.
> i built an alphabet from the ground up, based on what the bastard
> language needed and some of Carl Jungs psychological theories.
> by accident i came up with something that i thought could be neutral
> enough for a global auxiliary language and sent that to this mail
> list.

Hey, tell me more about the Bastard language; just e-mail me privately or
something.  Sounds interesting (how did you come up with the name, BTW?).=
Don't know much Jung myself though... Freud maybe?

> never understanding that i had to come up with an alphabet for all
> languages, i used geometry instead of history and tried to make
> my creation as practical as i could. that way i even left it open for
> modifications by the cultures of the world and the individuals
> writing it.

I'd like to hear more about this too.  I'm kinda working on a universal L=
script, just for the purpose of ease in learning and not to replace tradi=
scripts.  This is a phonemic script; I don't like to use pure IPA except =
represent exact sounds.  I assign the basic 26 nondiacritical letters to =
most common sounds and use as few diacritics as possible as sparsely as
possible.  That's another story though.  (This alphabet I am also using t=
transcribe Tech, one of my five conlangs, which has somewhere between thr=
hundred and one thousand consonant and vowel phonemes -- or at least soun=
ds.  I
had to borrow a few letters from Greek and use some unusual Latin letters=

> now i see the discussion about encoding and realise that the
> alphabet i've created isn't good enough.
> i feel i have nothing more to offer this mail list and i am truly
> sorry that my postings on this subject has wasted your time.

I didn't see the postings (I'm new to this list), but you probably helped
somebody out there on the list more than you know.  Languages, especially
auxlangs, are in constant need of reform, and we need all the help we can=
I wouldn't say that you wasted anybody's time.  In my book, it's better t=
speak and risk making a fool out of oneself than to be silent and risk ma=
fools out of everyone else.

Daniel A. Wier
Nacogdoches, Texas USA
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