On Mon, 9 Jun 1997, James Chandler wrote:

> Of the 100+ language schemes considered by the Delegation for the Adoptio=
> of an International Auxiliary Language (1901-07), Esperanto was, in the
> words of Professor Jespersen, "the only one which dared to offer the worl=
> special characters".

Of the 1000+ language schemes proposed as IAL's during the ages, only
two has had some considerable success: Volap=FCk and Esperanto.  Both
have special characters, the first even in its own name.
> By "non-standard" (which I did not really think I would need to define),
> I mean any character which is not available in a standard, basic computer
> font, such as that used by the PC I am typing at right now.  I don't give
> a flying sausage what is or is not available in Latin-3: when the uniniti=
> in both computers and IALs arrive at Don Harlow's site, they will think
> their machine (or Netscape) is malfunctioning.

Netscape _is_ malfunctioning at Don Harlow's site.

Jens S. Larsen, lingvist (BA in spe)

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