There has been an ongoing discussion on the CONLANG list about what could be
used as an common language (possibly an "official" language) of the European
Union.  It all started with a joke about some reformed EuroEnglish.  Then
Esperanto and other auxlangs were discussed.

Then someone on the list suggested an already well-known, politically neutral,
and very capable language: Latin!  Someone mentioned a Latin Sans Flexione, and
others (including myself) ended up deciding on Latin according to the status
quo.  (Just use something already well-known.)  The suggestion was a somewhat
reformed and adapted Latin as used by the Roman Catholic Church, as well as
doctors, lawyers, and Latinophiles the world over.  Not a new language -- but a
"subset" of an already existing language.

This would be a very similar movement to one in India to revive Sanskrit as a
common language; I think the intent may be to replace Hindi (which is actually
a language of north-central India) with Sanskrit.  A Modern Standard Arabic
based ultimately on the Qur'an has already been created for the Islamic world.

Any thoughts?

Daniel A. Wier
Nacogdoches, Texas USA
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