Je 05:25 PM 12.07.97 BST, James Chandler skribis:

>I also do not share BPJ's inexplicable pessimism about the EU -
>perhaps if we presented them with something a little less
>clumsy and amateurish than Esperanto they would be more
>willing to listen.

I will now be labeled as inexplicably pessimistic, too, but I=20
think that if the EU adopts a conlang for official use, the=20
choice will be 99% for reasons other than strictly linguistic=20
criteria.  I have no hope that the "perfect" conlang would=20
find the bureaucrats more willing to listen.

I refuse to comment on James' choice of the epithets "clumsy"=20
and "amateurish".  [collective sigh of relief]

Amike salutas=20

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