Bob Petry skribis:

> 2. BABM, by Fuishiki Okamato, 1962, a "simple" interlanguage.

This also resides in my university library.  It claims to be the simplest
universal auxiliary language.  I at first thought that it was a language
of classification, but actually the assignation of the various lexical
elements seems much more arbitrary than that, and the whole thus seems
rather hard for anyone to learn.  And the pronunciation rules are also
quite strange.  The book is rather hard to get on with, and the
description of BABM is interspersed with philosophical ukases.  So in
the end I gave up.

> 3. Short history of the International Language Movement, 1927, Guerard.

This might be interesting.

> 7. Selection of works by Jepersen.

Is this the "Selected Writings of Otto Jespersen"?

James Chandler.