Rex May wrote:
>If you're going to go this far, you might as well go
>the extra mile and have self-isolating morphemes and
>a special word-shape for your particles used to mark
>grammatical function.   Self Isolating morphemes, yes. I'm working on them.
   A special word shape for particles? Do they need a
special word shape if they are a closed (but expandable)
class? If we know that DU is a particle (preposition,
clause initiator, whatever) an the KU is not, why should
the destinction be marked in form?

The above is quote.

You make a good point, which should have bothered me in Loglan
in the past.  The thing is, tho, if you hve 'du' as a
particle, then words like 'duC' can't, I think, occur, lest
confusion result.  Of course, if your word shape for everything
else is CVCn[VC], there'd be no way to distinguish between

du jan   and    dujan

Unless you have that rule.

I would think that you'd end up with so many CV particles that
you'd prohibit too many other words.  At least, fooling with
Ceqli, I seem to be close to using up the whole CV space.

Have you thought about making it CnVCn[nVC]?  That is, as many
vowels as you want between the consonants?  You might also
consider making r and l vowels to see what happens.
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