At 13:15 7/10/97, Jens S. Larsen wrote:
>On Mon, 6 Oct 1997, James Chandler wrote:
>> Ray Brown skribis:
>> > Indeed, today I actually looked at the website & one or two of the articles
>> > written in Europanto.  It's clearly meant to be a joke!
>> Please excuse my ignorance, but as far as my knowledge of French can
>> allow me to see, the only thing on that site which gives one the
>> idea that Europanto is a joke is the language itself.
>Have you taken a look at the "brikopolitik" pieces and the "truth about
>princess Diana's death"?  They are hilarious, even if you probably have to
>be a Belgian to get all the nuances.

EXACTLY - Thank you, Lars.
Glad someone else found them humorous as well.

>Which may be the man's way of saying
>that Belgians have something in common, even if they don't share a common
>national language.

Such as a sense of humor!