We on the Novial list are going through the dictionary prepared by Jespersen in
1930. I have spotted two entries (note: D means the German equivalent, E
English, F French) as follows:

_boxe_   E box, chest, F boi^te, D Bu"chse, Schachtel.
_keste_   D Kasten, Kiste, E chest, box, packing-case, F caisse (re'cipient).

In English they appear to be synonyms, but while I have some familiarity with
both French and German, I don't know either well enough to know how much
difference is implied. I am sure there are people here whose familiarity with
French or German exceeds mine, so I'm asking:

What precisely is the distinction between, on the one hand, Bu"chse or Schachtel
in German, and on the other hand, Kasten or Kiste?

And analogously, what precisely is the distinction between boi^te and caisse in
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