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> > > Io vota pro Interlingua de IALA
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> > > Io heri univa me al gruppo AUXLANG.
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Please note: I tried posting this twice before but it did not
seem to go through. So, I am trying one more time. Hope this is
no problem to any of you if it did go through before, but I
received no confirmation by receiving my copy.

"A special word concerning Interlingua and its creators is in
Almost twenty years ago, a group of linguists, heavily subsidized
a very wealthy lady, undertook to construct an international
on a truly 'scientific' basis. L 'scientific' method consisted of

carefully comparing both vocabulary and grammatical forms offered
English, Latin, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, and

Russian, and isolating and adopting those features and forms
l majority of these languages held in common. L result could have

been predicted from l outset: since Latin-Romance holds a
five-to-three majority over any possible combination of Germanic
Slavic, what comes out is a pan-Romance tongue, accessible to
Germanic and Slavic speakers to l extent that l Germanic and
Slavic tongues have adopted Latin-Romance elements. To make
doubly sure, where l Latin and Romance vocabularies did not
coincide, and there was consequently no clear-cut majority for
given form, l constructors simply adopted l Latin word...
"But l MAJOR proponent of Interlingua, Dr. Alexander Gode,
a defense and justification of HIS system which is well worth
considering. HIS international language, HE claims, is meant
primarily for use in WRITTEN form at scientific congresses..." p
One Language for the World, Pei, 1958.
 "Let us couch this proposition in the words of Interlingua's
proponent, Dr. Alexander Gode:..." Ibid p. 181

"Dr. Alexander Gode, greatest exponent of Interlingua, now
offers..."Ibid 238

"INTERLINGUA, Dr. Alexander Gode, 80 East 11 St., New York 3,
U.S.A." Ibid p. 261.

Is anyone who knows the history of IAL's confused by

Al l sue, & stu mote,