> Date:          Thu, 25 Dec 1997 19:59:45 +0100
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> From:          Kjell Rehnstr=F6m <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject:       Writing in what language?
> To:            Multiple recipients of list AUXLANG <[log in to unmask]

> I therefore would like to suggest that everyone may write in the languag=
> of his choice and it is his/her matter to decide if and in what extent a=
> to whom he wants to make himself understood.
> This could also be very interesting, because you will see the various
> languages in action. The English-speaking members of this list are using
> their mother tongue. Many of us non-americans have other mother tongues =
> we have to sweat a lot more in writing in English than in e.g.
> Interlingua...
> The very idea of auxiliary languages is that one should use them in
> international communication. So why not here?

J h jip oze ypue qy w o c ro n ri me i wi lin d vot.
 I have myself often wondered why we on this list do not write more
in our language of choice.

 A j, t vu,s c yr opo je d w, n sol  stu ab l lin d ot, b yr opo w
reef wi lin d vot & stu t su. To me, it seems, this would help each
 of us, not only learn about the languages of others, but would help
us practice our language of choice and learn it better.

J h e civib fa c m mote, zi j y n cer qa t yvo e ce by l ro.
I have been hesitant to do this with speedwords, because I was not
 sure how it would be received by the list.

 Qd v pu?
 What do you think?

Al l sue, & stu mote,
"Procrastination takes time."