Here are my votes for an IAL. Unfortunately, I don't exactly remember the
question. My votes would be different if we talk about a global IAL
compared to an "European" and there would also be differences between what
I think would be an IAL that have some chance to succeed and the language I
would think is the "best". So the following list is some kind of mix.

OK, let's vote!
1. Esperanto sen fleksio (just to show that changes are possible, put it
under E-o)
2. Esperanto
3. Vorlin
4. Bahasan
5. Frater
6. Ido
7. Neo
8. Suma
9. Sona
10.Lingua Franca Nova

Well, this list could have been quite different (especially I would have
thought that Ido should have been higher up on my list).

Amike salutas

Baard Hekland
Tromso, Norvegio
Tromsoe, Norway

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