Mister Harlow what does exactly mean to clean one's chronometer? I am
not acquainted with this idiom.

I wish to mention also in regards to your message that I come to this
email list without much preparation for
a discussion concerning the merits of Esperanto. If you wish to invite
your Esperanto friends to suggest to me and to other people also the
merits of Esperanto for a global language by all means do so.
I am willing to listen to your explanation and I hope you are willing to
listen to my responses.

Sincerely yours

>From: "Donald J. HARLOW" <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject:      Re: The Count Keeps on "going & going..."
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>Je 12:46 atm 12/26/97 -0500, Jay BOWKS skribis:
>>Ben Bob, io debe admitter que io ha invitate a multe personas
>>a subscriber se al auxlang e conversar in re le bel lingua
>>de IALA. Si, il era io, forsan, mais pote esser que non omne le
>>recente votos.
>>Well, Bob, I must admit I've been inviting quite a few people
>>to join auxlang and talk about the beautiful international language
>>by IALA. Yup. that'd be me, maybe, but perhaps not all the recent
>>votes, though.
>Is this legitimate? I have scrupulously avoided mentioning this straw
>in fora like soc.culture.esperanto, and I have seen nothing about it by
>other Esperantists on this list, either. But if "inviting ... people to
>join auxlang and talk about the beautiful international language" by
>Zamenhof is going to be de rigeur, I'll feel perfectly free to do the
>That everybody else would get their chronometers cleaned in the voting
>would simply be an interesting side-effect...
>-- Don HARLOW
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