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>Not to nitpit (well, OK, to nitpick a little) but I'd find a survey of
>rankings even more interesting than a tally of first preferences. Do
>Esperantists dislike Interlingua more than Ido? How do Lojbanists feel
>about the Novial 28/30/97 controversies?

>Another interesting thing about rankings is that, as students of voting
>systems will know,upon analysis the data will usually (or always?) yield
>one candidate that would be preferred by a majority of voters in any
>two-way race. This candidate may not be the candidate with the greatest
>number of first-rank preferences. (My guess is that, for AUXLANG, this
>natural compromise candidate would be Latine Sine Flexione.)

Well, when I put in my own vote, I did rank them. Pursuant to a subsequent
question, I qualify my reference to Novial by "any version."

Here's my original post:

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>If we are voting:

>1. Novial
>2. Ido
>3. Interlingua (Gode)
>4. Interlingua/LSF (Peano)
>5. Simplified English

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