Bob Petry wrote:

>Bruce, I posted the first section with my netscape browser.

That one simply ran lines together and broke in mid word with an = and a
new line. I had to work at it, but I could fix it up with simply an editor.

> ... The
>second, which I just posted, was with a different email program. In
>the second post there were supposed to be some = signs in the text.
>Hope you don't mean those.

No, when I made my posting, I had not seen your second part. It was truly an
exercise in futility. It was base-64-encoded, so to do anything with it I
needed to save it in a file, download the file, decode it, upload it, and
THEN, discovering the lines were too long for my editor, run a Unix format
program to make the lines reasonable-length.

I never had any of these problems with anything you posted before. Why did
this new thing go so differently.

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