One clarification if I may, Paul, the Morrises, and
more importantly Mrs. Morris, supported IALA
monetarily, however it has been mentioned in
print in various books that she was an Esperantist
and that she allowed Interlingua to go the course
it took because of the research that was done
under her patronage. She does not seem to have
influenced the way Interlingua turned out, and if
she had, it seems it would have turned out much
differently and on the side of Esperanto.

As it is, the research for a "common standard
european"/western vocabulary and grammar
was summed up in what Interlingua of IALA
came out to be in 1951. International Vocabulary
is always being added, please note Piet's posts
and he has done a great work in this respect.
Interlingua is growing and getting better and
better in my opinion.

Jay B.
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Date: Sunday, December 28, 1997 10:25 AM
Subject: Re: Io vota pro Interlingua de IALA (fwd)

>On Sun, 28 Dec 1997, James Chandler wrote (excerpt):
>> It is clear that Interlingua supporters will claim that their
>> language is the work of an authoritative body, and is thus
>> definitive.  The Delegation in 1907 was also an authoritative
>> body,
>    I disagree with both of these assertions.  IALA represented nobody
>but themselves and the Morrises.  Whence else their charter?  The 1907
>Delegation represented nobody but themselves.  They were appointed by
>nobody but themselves and were delegated by nobody but themselves.  I
>even think that calling themselves a "delegation" was in fact slightly
>dishonest.  Both Interlingua and Ido were private efforts which should
>be considered on their own merits rather than by rehashing ancient
>history, which accomplishes nothing except turning attention and energy
>away from tasks at hand.
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