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From: James Chandler +ADw-chandler+AEA-NOETHER.EX.AC.UK+AD4-
+AD4-While it is true that the arguments here need some modification
+AD4-before they can be applied to the historical spelling of
+AD4-Interlingua, the main point, which is that etymology cannot and
+AD4-should not be taught through an impractical historic orthography,
+AD4-remains, I am quite convinced, completely valid.

Hmm. Interesting article James, but I likewise am convinced
that etymological comparison is an excellent way to study
languages and shades in the meanings of words. It is one
of the things I like about Latin, that it helps with English.

And so it is for Interlingua, classic orthography helps those
with English and French backgrounds write and use Ia.

+AD4-James Chandler

Jay B.