Leo, I very much appreciate your message of
good will and I express my sincere resolve
to count to ten before hitting the send button.

I really appreciate the tenor of your message
as well, in that it exemplifies the spirit which
you encourage of others on the list.

My sincere thanks, and regards,
Jay B.
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Subject: Leo on AUXLANG content

>There have been a variety of messages recently on the content of
>materials on AUXLANG:
>I have the following personal comments:
>1. I see no problem with messages written in languages other than English.
>We need to see examples of various IALs -- and many of us can read other
>Natlangs rather easily. Obviously, this should always be done in an effort
>to best communicate and inform. (Once we had some cases of English-
>speakers addressing other English-speakers in a favorite IAL, and then
>complaining that the recipients were somehow "ignorant" for not being able
>or willing to understand their language -- that was rather impolite, IMO.)
>2. I have no problem with longer messages. In fact, these are often the
>valuable.  (E. g., Stan. M.'s contributions were great, IMO.) Those with
>very limited web-browsers or mail-systems will always have problems. The
>solution is better technology, not "dumbing down" what we send.
>3. A most important factor, IMO, is that we maintain a collegial
attitude --
>a friendly approach toward each other. Let's not give in to insults -- even
>under provocation. We have a common interest that is very important, and
>which (for some reason) seems not to be shared by many in the larger
>society. Let's stick together.
>Regards to all
>Best wishes to all Auxlangers for 1998 !
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