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Jay Bowks wrote:
> >        I have felt uncomfortable with some postings in this list.
> >
> Does Eulalio, come from Greek?
> Eu-meaning good something?
> Hmmm.

        Don't know really. I must take a look a one of those "Choose
Your Baby's Name" books to find that out.

> >        First, postings in other language than English. I think those
> >postings MUST have an English translation following the other language's
> >text.
> Isso e' uma grandissima lastima que te sentes assim, pa!
> Sorry 'bout your feeling thatta way theah, mate!

        Well, Jay, I am quite sure everybody in this list has English as
their common language. Not Interlingua, nor Esperanto, nor anything
else, but English. Maybe some people preffer to write in Interlingua,
but since they do know English and know some people on the list don't
know interlingua, they sould try to write a translation right after the
interlingua text.

> >        This list is hosted by a US server, and as such it has English
> >as its language, unless otherwise specified (which is NOT the case).
> >        One cannot convince people that a language is better by forcing
> >them to read texts and more texts in that language. That feels like, and
> >indeed is, a ridiculous FANATISM.
> Hey watch it!

        Maybe I was a bit too radical here. I wrote this because some
people were just writing in interlingua and ignoring those who didn't
know the language, just for considering the language is easy to read and
wouldn't need a translation. Obviously, they are blindedly fascinated by
the language, and that's what I called fanatism (maybe too heavy of a
        I also got upset because one guy told prepotently that he would
speak in interlingua no matter what the language of the list was. He just
would because he thought it should be so. He didn't argue, he didn't ask
what the others thought. I don't want to make anybody stop speaking
his/her favorite language here (since they write a translation in
English), I just want people to understand that the most common language
among the people in this list is English, and if your message aims all
the list, you must write _at_least_ in English to be understood (how can
you convince a Japanese of something if you only speak in French?).
        Of course, if the message is aimed only to a particular
language's reader, that is allowed, but it doesn't seem to be the case
here (or is it?).

> >        Another point that's annoying me are the huge messages posted
> >here ...
> Maybe for you, Big G. but as for me I was thrilled to
> read them and I say more power to you, Stan!

        Yes, that's the point. You do enjoy them, but I don't. If he
just mentioned the text and asked who would want that, it would be good
for us both. He would send the text particularly to you.

> Maybe you could exercise your freedom of silence and delete
> anything you don't wish to read. Have you ever noticed though
> the big rift between one's "freedom of speech" and one's
> "freeness of speech". I kind of see it this way, one you have
> the right to say what ever you want to and forget everyone else
> the other you have the right to say what you should in view of
> who you are. By this rule anything Stan wishes to say I will
> have ears for. Keep up the good work there, Stan!

        Well, I told what I think, which doesn't mean I'm not open for
        I think you're right here, freedom is a matter of respect to
other people, you have to hear what they have to say. And I AM hearing,
unless, of course, if they write in a language I don't understand.

> No, but seriously, neat ascii signature Gustavo,
> neat stuff! Muito bem!
> Since,
> Jay B.
        Brigado (thanks).

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