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On Dec 26, 10:03pm, Kjell Rehnstr=F6m wrote:
> French is the official language in former French colonies in Africa in =
> same way as English is the official language in many former Brittish
> colonies. In the former Portuguese colonies it is Portuguese and then y=
> have still some Spanish. In South Africa it is English and Afrikaans.

IIRC South Africa has 8 official language, the 2 you mentioned above,
some of the Ngoni langs (Xhosa and Zulu and I think some others), and
I think one of the Khoisan langs.

> The writers that the American Watch and Amnesty International are tryin=
g to
> get out of prison in many African countries are not sitting there becau=
> of what they have written in English but for their work in the local
> languages.

I have a book which quotes the lyrics of a song written by a Nigerian
in a mixture of Nigerian Pigdin English and Standard English. I don't
know whether the writer went to prison for it, but he might have done
since the song was criticising the corruption of the Nigerian ruling

> There has been a lot of people expressing support of Classical Latin as=
> sole language for the European Union. I understand them. Everyone knows=

> that Latin Is Difficult so they know that school authorities have to pu=
t in
> a lot of money to support that language. It is kind of playing safe
> proposing Latin. If you don't allocate any money for it then it is fine=
> good. And nobody expects you to learn to speak Latin, so it means "same=

> procedure as last year..."

LsF would make a better interlang for the EU. It is a lot easier to learn=

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