During my time as an active Esperanto supporter - back in the 50's and 60's
it often it did happen that one saw ads in Esperanto magasines , both
national and international, where the readership was urged to write to this
or that address "to show that Esperanto is a Living Language". As far as I
can see there is nothing the matter with that, not more than urging people
to write to this or that foreign polititian in a dictatorial country in
order to make it easier for some political prisoners, as Amnesty
International does, or when various organisations in the States urge their
supporters to write to their congressman. I cannot see anything illicit in
that. It is part and parcel of democratical procedure.

If you wont to conduct a vote, then you have to make it very clear who are
intitled to take part in it. It goes without saying that I would not have
sent in any votes if there had been a stipolation that riecently arrived to
the list are not intitled to vote.

I am strongly opposed to anyone dictating in what language I should write.
It is me running the risc, whether I write in English or Interlingua.

English is a very nice language and there are lots of opportunities for us
non-native speakers to exercize our English. As this list is about
auxiliary languages it cannot be wrong to see some of these languages used
in authentic messages and not only as the yeast cultures for grammatical
and lexical scwabbling.

I have spoken.

Kjell [log in to unmask]
Kjell Rehnstroem
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