James Chandler wrote:

> Paul Bartlett skripted:
> > [snip]
> >     The primary language for discussion on AUXLANG is English.  If
> > you write in an auxlang, it is customary to include a translation. (127
> including spaces and punctuation)

L uve lin f argi o AUXLANG e English. X v ri i u auxlang, t e hab ku u tral.

> > >     Le lingua primari de discussion in re le lista AUXLANG es anglese.
> > Si on scribeva utilisante un lingua auxiliar, le costume/derecto es que
> > on include un traduction. (164 including spaces and punctuation)

L lin uve d argi i abi l ro AUXLANG e anglese. X v ri us u lin adopo, l
hab/rek e qu v ku u tral. (97...)

> I think Paul is being a little heavy-handed here. (49...)

J pu Paul e ue u et pese-han ir. (32...)

> [snip] and although I agree we
> need a metalanguage and that that will inevitably be English,
> I also think it is healthy if people post in IALs.

& opi j kon w nes u mue-lin & qu cu r serobn e English, j ai pu t e san x erz
pos i IALz.[snip][kut]

I think James has a point here.
& just a fun sample above.

Al l sue, & stu mote,