Gustavo wrote:
>        About the "Seminary on Portuguese", well, I think this is not
>the case. Since you're discussing one language, of course, you must know
>that language. But the AUXLANG issues range many languages, and one is
>not supposed to learn all those languages just to talk about them.
>        Figure out a seminary on Latin European Languages. Do you think
>everybody should know Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French (did I
>forget any?) -- and Latin and Greek maybe -- to speak in that seminary?
>I guess not, you'd need some translators. That's the case here!

I think that at a seminary on Romance languages at a Swedish University
they would use English, French and Spanish, if there were other
participants than Swedes there.

At the Conference for advancing Classical Latin at Jyv=E4skyl=E4 University
English, German and French were permitted in the discussions. Lectures were
supposed to be in Latin, if I recall correctly.

The discussion on constructed auxiliary language appears to fall into the
cathegories linguistics and policy.

In the linguistics cathegory I think that those who want to discuss
Esperanto should have some kind of knowledge about it. Otherwise the
discussion will be of the type: "I don't accept this silly word", and that
is not of much help.

Posting in various artificial languages can be good in the sense that
people will see how they behave, even without a translation.

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