I have just got back and read through the recent Auxlang messages.
Among them are the pages from the "Basic Eng versus the artificial
languages" book that Bob Petry sent to the list.  Thanks for that,

Obviously I don't agree with the vast majority of the arguments
made by the critic of Novial, though it may be admitted that
he seems to have found the few weak spots, mostly individual
elements of the vocabulary.

The problem with the method of argument used by the critic, is that
instead of building his opponent's case up as much as possible
before seeking to demolish it, he has simply found a few weak
points and pumped them for all they are worth.  Aside from that,
he gives several opinions which seem to me to be misguided and
betray insufficient knowledge of subject matter.

I don't want to pick up individual points here, but I will gather
up the information and at some time in the future I will enjoy
publishing a reponse to the arguments.

James Chandler
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