When I first saw the IED in a bookstore here in Uppsala I didn't know a bit
about the IALA. I looket up some entries in it and thought that this is
fantastic. Like some sort of Latin. It belongs to the story that a friend
of mine years earlier had said that "The English in scientific texts is as
a matter of fact not terribly far from some kind of a medieval Latin..."

Later on when reading the preface to the IED I found it boring with a lot
of namesdropping etc. Perhaps it was a good thing, that Gode wrote all this
just in order to show that it wasn't all his job.

On a more careful study it is obvious that there are different opinions
about the forms of the words that were let into the dictionary.

The IALA never said Interlingua was the product of just Gode, and it is
best to leave it at that. That some Esperantists talk about Gode's language
gives a kind of religious battle tone to the debate which is not very

The person who invented the zip was not a Doctor in Zip Science but a
darned good technician.

Zamenhof, by the way, was a very imaginative language constructor. His main
profession was that of an eye doctor.

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