Mark Line wrote:
>It does, but not exclusively. The list is about international auxiliary
>languages, which need not be artifically constructed. There are several
>of us heretics who believe that the most viable IAL might be a natlang.

On the face of it there is nothing heretic in believing this. The real
herecy is believing that you could use a man-made or man-organized language
and use it.

What you believe or don't believe about artificial languages or lingue
franche is of course determined by the situation you think you are
observing.  As a matter of fact they are planning to begin English teaching
already when the children are at the age of 3 or 4 years here. If most
people get good education this can well lead to the result that kids in
Scandinavian schools will in some way or another speak "better" English
than kids in run down and neglected schools in a country where English is
the national language.

There will be more about this on the interlng mailinglist. There was an
earlier message about how to get that list.

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