A few days before Christmas, D. Gary Grady in North Carolina sent the
following message out to a group of people he thought might be interested
in it. I have a feeling that at least some members of AUXLANG will find it
equally amusing.

I particularly enjoyed the translation of the first two lines of the second
verse, which show how much some people feel English has changed since the
time this song was written.

I realize that many of you, after reading this, will quit the list, since
given this obvious triumph of machine translation we can all see that there
is no longer any need or use for an international auxiliary language.

Forwarded message here follows:


My esteemed friend Dave Locke has conspired with the
automated translation service made available by
Digital's Alta Vista to translate a Mel Brooks song
from English into German and back again. The result
is remarkable in the extreme and bears wider

Below you will find the original song in English and
following that the result of stuffing it through
Alta Vista's English-to-German translator followed
by the German-to-English translator. This is, I
should emphasize, completely on the level. If you
don't believe me, try it yourself at

(A warning: While reading the second version of the
song below, avoid eating anything you would not want
to pass through your nose.)

> "Springtime for Hitler" from Mel Brooks' The Producers
> Germany was having trouble, what a sad, sad story
> Needed a new leader to restore its former glory
> Where oh where was he?  Where could that man be?
> We looked around, and then we found, the man for you and me,
> And now it's
> Springtime for Hitler and Germany,
> Deutschland is happy and gay.
> We're marching to a faster pace,
> Look out, here comes the master race.
> Springtime for Hitler and Germany,
> Winter for Poland and France.
> Springtime for Hitler and Germany,
> Come on, Germans, go into your dance
> I was born in Dusseldorf, and that is why they call me Rolf.
> Don't be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Nazi party.
> Springtime for Hitler and Germany
> Goose-step's the new step today
> Bombs falling from the skies again,
> Deutschland is on the rise again
> Springtime for Hitler and Germany
> U-boats are sailing once more
> Springtime for Hitler and Germany
> Means that soon we'll be going
> We've got to be going
> You know we'll be going to WAR!
> Translated into German and back again:
> Germany trouble, which needed a sad, sad history a new leader, its
> former fame wiederhzuerstellen in the OH had, in which he was?
> Where could this man be? We looked around and then found we,
> the man for you and I, and now is it
> Branching time for Hitler and Germany, Germany is lucky and
> homosexual. We border to a more rapid step, view out, come here
> the collecting main running.
> Springtime for Hitler and Germany, winters for Poland and France.
> The branching time for Hitler and Germany, concerned, Germans
> enter, into your tanz
> I was born in Dusseldorf, and which is, why her me it called Rolf. If
> you are not to be smarty come the Nazi involved connect stupidly.
> Branching time for goose job step Hitler and of Germany, who the
> new job step falls today from the skies again, Germany bombarded,
> is on the rise again
> Branching time for submarines Hitler and of Germany sails again
> branching time for Hitler and Germany means that soon we are to
> have going we, go you be known that we WAS will go!

(English version: