Stan Mulaik skripted:

> Remember my example:  We can formulate a word "phyllology"
> meaning the knowledge of leaves, and this would be distinguishable from
> philology, but in a simplified orthography we would have "filology" with
> two meanings, which you would have the burden of discovering from
> context.

Stan, I am no expert on language.  But it is obvious to me nonetheless
that your argument holds no water with respect to national languages.
What do you understand by:
"He was sitting by the bank of the river."
Is this a place to get money, next to a river?
"He's making a stand for his hi-fi."
Is he making a place to sit in when he goes to a football match?
"His vices will be the undoing of him."
Are these the things he clamps down a piece of wood with when
sawing it, these things that will be his undoing?

But let's consider your example in Novial.
folie = leaf  ->  foliologia  = phyllology
filologia = philology
Now, this last word could be taken as derived from FILE = thread.
But no one in his right mind, in the midst of a discussion about
language, would imagine that someone would start talking about the
study or science of threads!

James Chandler
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