Mark P. Line wrote:

> I stated when the vote started that I didn't see the sense in it, and
> that view did not change in the course of the vote and its premature
> cancellation. Besides the fact that the whole procedure was completely
> subjective, the subscribership of AUXLANG is utterly irrelevant to the
> formation of global language policy.

Well, that's one man's opinion.And, if true, I guess there is no need for
auxlang, or any other such list. Quite a few voted because they were
interested in seeing how we as a group would work it out not whether we
would change the world. Who cancelled the vote? I just stopped being the
one doing the count, that's all. And, Mark, you suggested a new straw vote
didn't you, so why don't you keep up with the count and make what ever
corrections you want to it?

Al l sue, & stu mote,

> -- Mark
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