On Fri, 16 Oct 1998, vardi wrote:

>         As has already been noted by Ray, myself and others, it can be quite a
> small step from saying that a language is superior to another to saying
> that the speakers of the superior language are therefore superior.

Not intended here. I compared language to forms of
transportation, a better analogy, because obviously
different forms suit different purposes. I also tried
to say false analogies were dragging down discussion.

>         We have been told for years now that economic truths are universal;
> only the conditions vary. The IMF imposes this philosophy (religion?)
> through its financial power, forces countries to bring themselves to the
> brink of ruin on the altar of its beliefs (Indonesia, Russia...)

I happen to agree about commercialism, though it is off-topic.
What I object to is the thesis "all languages are the same
or equal or ..." etc.

>         In Judaism there is a concept of "gader laTorah" - a fence around the
> Torah. That means that you don't do act X, not because it itself is
> forbidden, but because it may well lead to act Y, which is forbidden.

Cool. Slippery slope avoidance?

> agree with those who have begun to suggest that we may be nearing the
> end of any useful discussion on this issue,

It annoys me when people try to stop or censor discussion;
even more when moderators attempt to "summarize" or otherwise
pontificate. (That is directed to David Durand, obviously.)
On the other hand, I've grown tired of it too ...