Steg Belsky wrote:

>  This isn't the same mistake, but when i started
> learning Spanish, i made a lot of mistakes because of mixing it up with
> of the strangest (as opposed to a more common one like
> saying lo' instead of no) was when i declined Spanish prepositions with
> Hebrew suffixes.  I would say things like "el cielo esta' sobrekha",
> attaching the Hebrew "-kha" from "`alekha" to the Spanish "sobre".  I
> would also use the construction "hay para", a direct translation of
> "yeish l-", instead of the verb "tener" for "to have".

Yes, I know the problem. For a long time when I was a teenager I was
confused by the word "or" ("gold" in French and "light" in Hebrew), and
kept using it with the wrong meaning in each language.

        Conlanglikeg coluiereiin,
        (In Conlangish friendship)

        Shaul Vardi