De: Terrence Donnelly <[log in to unmask]>
Fecha: Lunes 19 de Octubre de 1998 13:44

>While we're on thge subject, I'm having a problem with web colors that
>is baffling me.  I can't get the color black to appear in my .gifs!
>The scenario is: I draw something in MS-Paint (I'm very low-tech, and
>to produce a .bmp file.  Checking the color palette, I see that black is
>RGB 0,0,0.  The picture looks fine.  I save it, convert it to a .gif
>using the program Lview.  It still looks fine.  I call it up in my Netscape
>browser, and the black sections are invisible; the background is uniform
>across the picture.  Black seems to be the only color so affected!

LView Pro tries alwasy to save gifs as gif89, with interlaced and
transparencies.  By default the ransparent color is the first one in the
palet, usualy black.  One way to avoid this is defining another transparent
color or saving as gif87.

For defining another color, en the third menu (picture?) chose "background
color". and chose either the color of the backgropung of your image or a
patte item which is not used.

-- Carlos Th