Relative/resumptive pronouns :

Let's say (no suggestion re. vocabulary herebelow) :

ERG = u-;
ABS = a-;
PAT = e-;
ATT = o-;
AGE = i-;

former one = -ng;
latter one = -n
next one = -m

latter fact = -k
this fact = -t
next fact = -p

beginning of subclause ('that/which') = h-...

kjako = a bite > u-si kjako = I bite.
kjake = to bite > u-si kjake = I bite.
sleep = piro > a-si piro/pire = I sleep.
brother = vramo.
dog = fraro.
red colour = wivo > asi wivo/wive = I'm red.

the dog is red =
a-fraro wive.
the red dog =
fraro h-a-n wive (= 'dog which-latter_one is red').
the dog bites me =
u-fraro e-si kjake.
the red dog bites me =
u-fraro h-a-n wive e-si kjake.
the red dog who bites me sleeps =
a-fraro h-a-n wive h-u-ng e-si kjake pire
= 'dog which-latter_one is red which-former_one me bites sleeps'.

image = kjipo > I see = a-si kjipe.

I see that the dog bites my brother =
a-si (e-p) kjipe u-fraro e-vramo h-o-si-n kjake
= asi (ep) kjipe ufraro evramo hosi'n kjake
= 'me (next_fact) see : dog brother my bite'.

mano = place > a-si mane = I'm located > i-si mane = I am the place (where).
telo = house > tele = to inhabit

the dog bites me in the house =
i-telo (a-p) mane u-fraro e-si kjake
= itelo (ap) mane ufraro esi kjake
= 'house is place (of next_fact) dog me bites'.

the house where the dog bites me =
telo h-i-n a-p mane u-fraro e-si kjake
= telo hinap mane ufraro esi kjake
= 'house which-is of-that place : dog me bites'.

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