Skrintha wrote:

>> I'm interested to see that Tamil has the experiencer dative construction
>> alongside Hindi.  Does Tamil also have split-ergativity?  (I seem to
>> remember that the Dravidian languages are nominative/accusative, but
>> I may be mistaken...)
>Since the verbs for which the experiencer dative is available in each lang
>appear to coincide (eg., know/need/like), I suppose that one of the langs
>(or their parent-langs) might have borrowed it from the other.

Possibly, but not necessarily.  As I said in my earlier post, the experiencer
dative construction is found all over the world in various unrelated - or
distantly related - languages, e.g. Icelandic, Hindi, Korean, Georgian.
This suggests that this construction is a reflex of the interaction of
'deep' grammatical principles.


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