Due to my work I'm working with a tool for morphological parsing called
PC-Kimmo (by a Fin called Kimmo Koskenniemi).  In orther to implement a
parsing of the Spanish language.  (This is a word level morphological

In order to implement the lexical files and rules, I've taking form my mind,
and making a little of research of the regular irregularities of the Spanish
language... it allows me to answer a previous question rised by Nik or Tom
about verbs like _dormir_ with the semirregular form _duerme_ (like _mover_
=> _mueve_) but _durmio'_ (alike _movio'_): the third conjugation verbs (ir
verbs), has a regular change of -e- and -o- (either e/e or e/ie) vowels in
roots when the inflexion has no stressed i.

  dormir,  sentir, pedir  (stressed i in inflexion)
  duerme, siente, pide  (stress in root)
  durmio', sintio', pidio' (stressed inflexion)

Well I became happy when I found this an could recognize with no further

I wonder if someone else has use this tool.  I think is very convinient to
recognize forms in very flexional languages either natlangs or conlangs.
I'm planing to use in my conlang projects.  Kimmo can be found at Summer
Institute of Linguistics

-- Carlos Th
  Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzsn