Karol Conlangdjien! (Dear Conlangists)

I'm probably not the first or only one to sense a certain irony here.
Some people who just want to talk about languages, especially Conlangs,
to each other manage to have nice and interesting conversations and
enjoy themselves, thus bringing people closer together. Some other
people are out to save the world and end up yelling at each offensively.
Strange, innit??

And BTW: I was stunned by the flood of responses from young people to
the earlier message from Beorn - wulf. Just for example, Steg, I'd never
have thought you were 17. Not that it matters, of course, it was just
interesting suddenly to change my mental image of all these people whose
contributions I read.  I'm 35, by the way, so the messages left me
feeling positively senile.

Any chance of getting back to the kind of atmosphere that prevailed on
the list until a month or so ago?  I hope so.

        Conlanglikeg coluiereiin
        (In Conlangish friendship)

        Shaul Vardi