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>        Third, one pledge: don't go back to lurking again! I'm sure your
>opinion about the many questions that are raised in the list would be very
>useful for everybody, and when I say that, I'm talking to every lurker in
>the list. Can you hear me? Hello!

I think everyone goes through periods when they are active on the list,
and periods when they aren't.  I haven't been around much for a while,
partly because I had a disk crash, work got more time-consuming, other
things in my life were taking up more time, and what time I had to spare
for language stuff I wanted to spend working on my language.  I think
other people are the same, and as a result people come and go, and so
the mixture on the list is always changing.  I think that's normal and

The fracas of the last few days I have found pretty depressing, but once
again, that's something that comes and goes.  The idea that CONLANG has
always been sweetness and light isn't quite right, you know.  All
newsgroups and lists that I have ever been a part of have exploded into
rage and hatred from time to time.  I'm afraid that's just what happens
and the best thing to do is just hang on till it stops.  I have my
opinions but I don't see that it would be helpful to press them.

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