Hi all,

The endless hairsplitting debate over auxlangs to me seems useless.

It is not a question of the comparative linguistic worth of the various
proposals, rather it is a question of human will.

If the peoples of the world decided that it was to their best interest to
adopt and auxlang then anyone of them (or even a natlang) would do.  Some
languages are easier for westerners to learn than for easterners and vice
versa. Some are easier to learn for Africans than for Asians.

I think a fundamental point in always missed in this discussion: unity of
purpose among the peoples of the world must be established first out of
enlightened self interest, then we can all choose a language to help
facilitate our intercommunication.  It is not communication (of itself) that
creates unity and peace. Rather, it is unity and peace that create

Jim H
ta Druntan