Eric Christopherson wrote:
> I am also new. What is Shoebox? And this is to Beorn: How do you use
> Excel for conlanging? I downloaded LangMaker (which generates vocabulary
> based on a scheme you give it and can transform it according to rules
> you give) and it's a wonderful idea for a program, but buggy as heck. :/
> It sometimes crashes when I try to "transform" words and the
> transformations often come out in peculiar (and outright wrong) ways.
> This hardly makes me want to register it :D

Shoebox is kind of a database thing for linguists. I hated it.

I really liked Langmaker, or at least the older version that I was
running on my old computer. It was *perfect* for what I used it for--
generating lists of potential words that fit my phonology. But then I
got a new computer w/ WinNT, and found that when I attempted to run the
latest version (at that time) of LangMaker on it, it really didn't work
at all... but I suspect that was a compatibility problem. And then I
went back to making my words up "by hand", so I didn't really need it

I keep a list of "concepts I am most likely to include in a conlang"
(aka a vocabulary list) in Access. It's not done, but it is coming