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Data: 31 pa=BCdziernika 1998 15:19
Temat: Circumfixes and syllabic consonants

>Also, syllabic consonants: how frequent are they? Have you
>ever used them? By "syllabic consonants" I mean consonant
>sounds that can be treated as vowels, i. e. they can form a
>syllable, and be stressed. I know at least Chinese has a syllabic
>"r". My new conlang is having lots of syllabic consonants; in
>fact, voiced fricatives can all be syllabic.

i think that evry 'non stop' (^_^) consonants could be syllabic

some members of IE lang group use syllabic l & r:
Sanskrt, and many other Indian langs: san.skrt, kr.Sna
Czech: vlk, krk, pa.dl,, tvrz (!), br.zo,

(the dot separates syllabes)

some afrikan ones: m, n
Swahili: m.tu, n.di.zi

Japanese have syllabic n, but there is only just 'n' syllabe possible: sa.n

i do not know any one with syllabic fricatives, but i can pronounce sylla=
like: ps, kf...
pf.kf.ta (?)
if you also can, it's no problen, is it?

note that these syllabes are not easy to pronounce, so should not be ofte=
using in human lang, but in alien langs (even fantasy races' langs) you m=
do whatever you want!

BTW it was one of my 'lost in time' ideas: to use syllabes based on s's, =

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