Joshua Shinavier wrote:
> > Oh, and I have another two
> > questions, because somehow I didn't get the responses the first time.
> > How do you decide on your vocabularies/morphemes?  And what computer
> > program do you use.  I use Excel myself because of the ease of
> > alphabetizing.
> > Well, I'll go back to lurking.  Thanks a lot.
> > David

In My case making the Ok words was easy,because I only had to decide
which consonants and vowels I was going to have in the language. Then I
combined each vowel with each consonant and voila! I arrived at some
2300 radicals waiting for encodings. Actually I had to fudge around a
little more than that but that's the idea.

I have learned on this list that my encodings are pretty much English.
In fact there are only about five encodings in Ok that aren't taken
straight from English. I think this is a symptom of Ok's lack of a
conculture.(Any comments on that idea people? [Pssst... There are plans
to fix this])

As far as the program I use. It's called pen and paper. I buy notebooks
that one might use in school. (at least what used to be used in school)
Only when I decided to put the Ok radicals with their English
translations on my web page, did I realize that in this way I could
alphabetize them and, thereby make my translating easier!

I use a program called pico which I dial into at Syracuse University
(where I work). My webpage is on an S.U. server and its easy to upload
with pico. I haven't got a clue how I would do it with Netscape.