At 7:03 pm -0500 5/11/98, fortytwo wrote:
>Raymond A. Brown wrote:
>> [Volap"k] was still
>> attracting people well into the 1060s and beyond.
>It was used in the 11th century?  ;-)

Yep - and was killed off by AngloNorman  ;-)

OOPS - Volapu"k is often considered the oldest conIAl
to actually get  eyond the drawing board; but it's not
quite _that_ old. one of those typo-bugs must've crept in.
I meant, of course, 1960s.

But Volapu"k was not, indeed, the first.  Sudre's SolReSol
was published in 1817 and got quite a following for some
considerable part of the 19th century.  Over in the New
World, Ro was also about in the 19th cent. IIRC - but did
it ever get much used except by its inventor & his wife?
This is not meant to be a put down for Ro - I'm genuinely
curious to know.=DF