> >Do these tenses occur in any natlangs or conlangs on this list
> The original version of Eklektu has an aspect marker, "be", which means "to
> begin doing", which is similar to what you describe as the immediate future
> tense; Mega-Eklektu uses the word "le" (borrowed from Chinese) for this
> purpose among others. ("Le" in old Eklektu was only used as a perfective
> aspect marker.)
> Jarrda has a future repetitive tense (actually a combination of an aspect
> morpheme "-rr" and a tense morpheme "-ue"), which would be used for actions
> performed habitually in the future.


I had a feeling that they had been used before. Nothing new under the
sun as they say.
I'm glad to see that I'm not too far out of whack.

It just seems like a nice useful tense. All day long at work I've been
encountering English phrases that would translate nicely into the
immediate future.

And as far as the future repetitive, well, _every_ language should have

So I think I'll do it.

-Duke Keenan