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Mathias Lassailly asks:
> Could you please give us an address or a hint of your
> current conlanging project ?

I'm continuing my work on the design of an interlingua to be used
eventually in machine translation.  You can read the latest in my
(long!) monograph at:

> Do you still avoid auxlanging ?

My interest in auxlanging was never that strong and didn't last very
long.  I'm not much of an idealist, and you really have to be one to
develop an auxlang.  I see no chance at all of a constructed auxlang
replacing English as a global interlingua in the foreseeable future.
Besides, most auxlangs I'm familiar with are based on European
languages, and I've always felt that an auxlang must be truly neutral.
I also feel that a constructed auxlang must be completely
self-segregating (a trivially easy thing to do!) and semantically
precise, so that computers can deal with them as easily as humans.

Very few people seem to agree with me on these points.  :-(



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