Is anybody else (besides T. and the Borg) doing
anything with this idea? Basically I'm trying this:

Words end in a vowel (or two) indicating the
syntactic part-of-speech sorta-like Esperanto.
The basic single-vowel endings are like so:

-O  noun or pronoun, any object or thing
-A  adjective, loose modifier of a noun
-E  adverb, tight modifier of non-nouns
-I  active verb, relation or act or event
-U  passive verb, agent and patient reversed

I really like the basic, but I want to
extend this a bit ... something like:

-iO  (noun) active agent
-uO  (noun) passive patient
-iA  (adjective) active participle
-uA  (adjective) passive participle
-iE  preposition, similar to Vorlin's -u
-uE  passivized preposition
-iU  reflexive verb, agent is the patient
-uI  reciprocal verb, each is agent and patient

And maybe some more beyond that. Or change it.
The current state of this artlesslang is at