On Tue, 10 Nov 1998, Mathias M. Lassailly wrote:

> Charles wrote :
> > I think this all supports the (in-?)famous Sapir-Whorf hypothesis
> > that a language shapes (does not just express) thoughts.
> > I thought that was the intent of Lojban, to explore different
> > ways of thinking, rather than claiming to be the One True Faith.

> Well, Charles, my post may have been too vehement - as always.

I was unclear; I agree with what your wrote, and think it ironic
that a lang meant to be "experimental" is now being claimed by
"logbob" as the one true non-code wonderful etc language.

If Sapir-Whorf is true, there can be no such thing, which contradicts
"logbob"'s thesis; if it is false, Lojban makes no sense at all.

> TIAJIDMI (this is a joke; I don't mean it)

I have seen J/K for "just kidding" ...

Your "defense" of the ancient dual-number was a thing of beauty.
I had been thinking of such features as merely annoying, before.