In this mail I'm speaking as the ringadmin of Scattered
Tongues, the webring devoted to our 'maligned' hobby/art/

The ring now links more than forty (*checking* oh! 46!)
conlangs and conlangers, and it's good to see that the ring
has stayed pure and kept to its "theme" (I've turned some
pages down, each time due to them not being conlang-

Well, now there are news on the webring horizon: Webring,
the 'engine' behind it all, has been purchased by GeoCities.
What this will mean in the long run I don't know, the
ringadmins have been promised that nothing will change,
but... My very first pages were on GeoCities, prior to
watermarks, popups, 'plus' memberships, back when you got an
entire megabyte (or was it half a meg?) of space there, not,
what is it now, eleven? I feel bad about this...

However, if you'd like, I could make a ringengine just for
us, it would take time to complete/perfect it though, and
might not be as snazzy as the current one.

Apart from this, the ring is for -you-, so if there's
something you want there, gimme a word and I'll see what I
can do.