Ok, ok, you're right. Shoebox is GREAT, even if it only
-does- run on ToyOS(tm)es. Oh well. (And for those of you
who couldn't make heads or tails of it - try again, and read
the docs, -all- of them. SB can do so much more than just
serve as a dictionary-tool.)

But: Shoebox can't export directly to html. Which is bad. So
I've spent the last week or so on making a 'shoebox-to-html'
converter, which is good. (I hope.)

It is still quite lacking, especially in the 'nice bells and
whistles' department, but it's definitely a start. It uses
about a second per hundred words on my machine.

It needs Python 1.5 to run, as Perl has been annoying me
lately, and I -hate- doing textfiles in C. If anyone's
interested, I'll mail it to the list later.