After being away from CONLANG-L for about half a year - I'M BACK!!!! I
realize that there are a lot of new people on the list now. But I hope
many of you veterans still remember me and Lumanesia.

I've been working on my Lumanesian project for most of the time I was
away from CONLANG-L. Progress is going really really slow on the
languages. Not much has change. The languages are still trigger
languages. I still cannot make an SV trigger language work so I have
finally given up and settled on a VS-type language (specifically VOS).
The language is also definitely tonal and I have discovered that the
Lumanesian languages were once none-tonal.

I have constructed the outlines of how tone has developed from a none
tonal language. Briefly, tonal distinctions developed when the
contrast between two varying glottal strictures among consonants
disappeared. It is not clear what these glottal strictures were but
they were probably a contrast between either voiceless vs. voiced, or
modal voiced vs. creaky (glottalized) voiced - (or an allophonic
combination of both).

What I think is keeping me from progressing any faster is the dilemma
I seem to have on deciding on what Lumanesian prosody should be.
(Please see my next post). Being virtually stumped regarding this
issue, I have directed my attention from Lumanesian linguistics and
focused on CONCULTURE-ing. Pre-industrial Lumanesian culture is
fleshed out in much detail - (I'm not too sure I'd like Lumanesia to
be industrial).

Matt Pearson's, Brad Coon's, and And Rosta's detailed concultures
remain very inspirational to my work. But I'm sure with so many new
members in the list, I'll find more inspirational works out there. I
welcome you all.

-Kristian- 8-)