i know i'm bit off topic, but i have thought that you may be interested and
(it's connected with lang interests)
i'm thinkin'bout using ideographes writing english, and i'm thinkin' about
their shapes...
AFAIK it's not new idea...

i'm not interested in chinese like symbols with meanig part and sound part -
all ideogram should show only meaning...

a few examples are here:
(this page may not work good, but should be enough)

as you (will) see there are really not much, but maybe you may help...
i got some ideas:
eagle - bird & montains, but i don't know how to draw bird (simply) and
mountains (simply)
thing ???
ear ???
eye ???
tree ???
hand ???
make ???
foot ???
leg ???
head ???

and man symbol should be more simple (i think it is not)

maybe someone want help me...
(i'm not native eanglish speaker, and i worry about mistakes in original
meaning of some words what might be helpful)

maybe someone had any similar idea?
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