I've noticed that Tokana has been getting a lot of good press on this
list recently ("very model of a modern model language", and so forth).
Many many thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm!

I'm happy to report that I've made a *little* progress in the webification
of Tokana.  After several false starts (long story...) I finally managed
to download Adobe Pagemill onto my computer, a program which I am told will
allow me to convert my Word 6.0 files into HTML with a minimum of fuss.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to really use it until I get more memory
on my computer (a dinky little pre-CD-rom Mac).  I bought 32MB today,
but it'll be a few days before I can get my computer-whiz friend to come
over and install it.  Once that's done, and once I figure out how to use
Pagemill, I should have the Tokana Reference Grammar HTMLified in no

After that's done, I'll have to see about finding a place to put it.
Several people on this list have *very* kindly offered to host the TRG at
their websites.  Do any of those offers still stand?  (You might want to
wait to see how big the document is before you answer that... :-) )

Anyhow, thanks again to everybody for all your support.  With a little
luck, Tokana will be joining the ranks of the on-line conlangs within
a couple weeks!

Cheers from the ranks of the computer sub-literate...


P.S.: Try saying "on-line conlang" 20 times fast.